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The Formula for Miracles: Dissolve Your Blocks to Wealth & Prosperity for a New Life Transformation

Once a successful MIT-trained software engineer, Brent Phillips' life was shattered by a health crisis that left him in pain and unable to work. After 7 grueling years of conventional and alternative therapies, including surgery, physical therapy, and energy healers, Brent ended up having an unsuccessful surgery procedure that left his right arm completely frozen at the elbow.

That's when Brent tried Theta Healing Technology and miraculously, his frozen arm healed instantly and completely. Brent was transformed by this experience - truly a miracle - and dedicated himself to learning the Theta Healing technique and discovering the underlying scientific principles. Today he is a certified Master of Theta Healing with more than 5,000 hours of private sessions and hundreds of miraculous instant healings. In this Special Offer from Brent Phillips, he reveals his formulas and technologies so you can spark major change in your life for amazing transformations & limitless potential.

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What Other People are Experiencing with
Brent Phillips' Master Theta Healing Technology:

Lower Back Injuries/Pain -
"I have experienced recurring lower back injuries and pain for years...You worked on it...and I thought, “Wow, could he really have healed my back in one hour over the phone?!"
Panic Attacks and Breathing -
"I would be gasping for air, couldn't breathe at all, and had debilitating panic attacks...after the second and third sessions [with Brent] I had absolutely no breathing problems whatsoever!"
Prosperity & Spirituality -
"The financial situation has begun to improve...every area of my life is moving in the direction I always wished for, but seemed unable to achieve."
Prosperity & Career -
"I can't tell you how dramatically everything in my life has changed for the better since I had that one tele-treatment with you."
Lupus, Kidney Stones, and Prosperity -
- "After Theta sessions with Brent, I had clean Blood test results concerning Lupus, Rhuematiod Arthritus, & Kidney stones, and manifested a very reliable car - all in a week!"
Heart Palpitations -
"I have had problems with heart palpitations and a very irregular heartbeat for the past 9 years...Now, no matter when I check it my pulse is strong and steady!"
Back Pain -
"I had a backache so severe I could not inhale without extreme pain...the pain was completely gone within 3 hours"
GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) -
" I was suffering from GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) for about 1 1/2 years...and Brent DID heal me of my anxiety in one session! "
Bipolar Disorder & Prosperity -
"After just one session with Brent Phillips my bipolar symptoms are gone and I got a bonus on top of that: I'm now driving the car of my dreams!"
Migraine Headaches -
"I had migraine headaches since I was a child...one Theta session with Brent and I haven't had a headache in months!"
Stomach/Esophagus/Acid Reflux -
"The results were INSTANT and it took ONE SESSION!!!"
Confidence/Self Worth -
"I feel a deep sense of self worth and confidence like never before"
Money/Prosperity -
"After our private session...I received my statement from JP Morgan with $10,00 more than the previous month...I received a check for $13,325!"
Self Esteem, Relationships, Sleep, & more -
" Things that bothered me before just dont seem to anymore. I see my life much more clearly. I understand myself much more. Brent is a wonderful healer!"
Stage Fright, Golfing -
"Over the past year I've grown more freaked out about performing in front of people... then I did a Theta Healing session with Brent...I was fantastic up there! ...and the day after I took 13 points off my golf game!"
Love/Relationships -
"I was honestly skeptical that anything remarkable would happen from Theta... then I unexpectedly received an email from a beautiful girl...within two days we had met and have begun a wonderful new relationship."
Anxiety -
"Self-help techniques don't work for me...Now after just a few sessions with Brent I'm a believer....feels like a massive transformation!"
Heart, Knees, and Toe -
" I got home to see if it was healed and walked my dog for hours! Before that I couldn't go a block without getting out of breath."
Back Pain -
"After 2 treatments, there was a huge improvement., and by my fifth treatment there was actually no pain at all!"
Emotions/Career -
"Just two months ago I started learning Theta Healing with Brent Phillips...I can honestly say that my life has been utterly transformed as a result!"
Addiction (smoking) -
"I stand a smoke free and truly impressed man"
Anxiety/Depression -
"There's no mistaking it - I have been given my life back!"
Romance, Anxiety, & Emotional Eating -
" In the week following my second Theta healing session with Brent [on] romantic relationships my energy clearly had shifted as no less than four men approached me and asked me out."
Speech Disorder -
"We focused on a speech problem that I have always had Not only can I speak with wonderful clarity and ease now, I am also now cured of my extreme claustrophobia!"
Sinus Infection -
"We also had time to address my sinus infection, which disappeared the"very next day and has not returned since… what a bonus!"
Toxic Mold, Energy, & Prosperity -
"I had been very ill with mold toxins...after just one session I was able to go ski in Vail - after doubting that I would EVER have the energy again!"
Parkinson's Disease -
"After four healing sessions with Brent, My Parkinson's Disease....is slowly going away"
Allergies and Sugar Addiction -
"All of these allergies, and many of my other problems went away almost immediately"
Hip Pain -
"After many years of my hip pain... sometimes being very intense... 10 minutes of Theta Healing with Brent made the pain disappear entirely."
Chronic Inflammation -
"I had chronic pelvic inflammation. The result for this has been dramatic in that the pain stopped within the same day and has not returned."
Emotional Trauma -
"NO ONE has been able
to help me this way...Theta Healing with Brent is the way to go!"
Prosperity -
"This...really was an unexpected 'miracle'. Words can't express how amazed and grateful I am to you and Theta Healing."
Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles®
PDF Book Download - ($37.00 value)

Have you ever wondered if there is a scientific explanation for phenomena such as miraculous instant healings? Want to learn a simple, rational, step-by-step technique to transform and fill your life with health, wealth, and love? This ebook shows you how it is possible to work with the off-limits subconscious part of yourself, by easily accessing a conscious theta brain wave.

You'll learn how to use Brent's technique of Theta Healing in a precise, step-by-step fashion to reprogram the defective “software” in your subconscious mind to facilitate miraculous instant healings, attract great wealth and prosperity, and manifest loving and fulfilling relationships for amazing life transformations.

Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles®
MP3 Audio Download - ($29.00 value)

Now available, Where Science Meets Spirit: A Formula for Miracles audio book. Listen to Brent's amazing technique of Theta healing with this 15 MP3 audio set which you can download instantly and take it with you where ever you go on your iPOD or MP3 player. Learn Brent's Theta Healing to facilitate miraculous instant healings, attract great wealth & prosperity, and manifest loving & fulfilling relationships for amazing life transformations.

Formula for Miracles® Allergy Clearing meditation
MP3 Audio Download - ($29.00 value)

One of my favorite things to heal is allergies, because I so frequently get great results. Healing allergies with Theta Healing is the closest thing to 100% consistently effective allergy treatment methods that I have seen, so I have specifically developed this allergy clearing meditation to harness the power of Theta Healing technology for you to use at your home so you can heal your allergies, conveniently and economically.

Formula for Miracles® Trauma Clearing meditation
MP3 Audio Download - ($29.00 value)

Nearly all of the difficulties and problems we have in our lives are created by trauma. Trauma is created whenever we have an experience that is too difficult or painful to completely feel and process. This trauma then "freezes" that particular moment in time, which regularly continues to affect us.

Perhaps the single most important use of a techinque like my Theta Healing is to clear traumas out of your subconsicous mind. Without traumas interfering, you will be able to more directly access your true power and divine heritage to create the kind of life you desire. With my MP3 audio guided trauma clearing meditation, you'll be able to clear deeply rooted subconscious traumas, right in the comfort of your own home.

Deep Theta Meditation
MP3 Audio Download - ($29.00 value)

Use a proven technology known as "binaural beats", which are subaudibal beats that guide the brain into a deep meditative state. These binaural beats are combined with relaxing nature sounds, and require that you listen to the MP3 with headphones. This meditation is specifically designed to bring you to a deep theta brainwave, which is the brainwave associated with the most powerful meditations, healings, and manifestations.

Unleash Your Inner Millionaire
MP3 Audio & PDF Book Download - ($197.00 value)

Learn the critical secrets to successful manifesting and automatically clear your subconscious blocks. During this program we'll go back and forth between presentations of life-altering spiritual and metaphysical principles, and block clearing sections where a combination of technologies will actually release your subconscious blocks to wealth, prosperity, & success.

Clear the blocks to financial success and the 6 greatest fears that hold you back from success; learn the #1 mistake that prevents the Law of the Attraction from working for you; learn the 12 most important things to always do when manifesting; and find out what is blocking you from living "in the now."

Secrets of Muscle Testing
MP4 Video Download - ($29.00 value)

Whether you are brand new to muscle testing, or an experienced Theta Healing or other holistic therapy practitioner, this 1 hour video is specifically designed to teach you a wide range of muscle testing secrets, so you can muscle test both yourself and the most difficult clients, quickly and easily.

You'll learn muscle testing methods like, the standing method, the finger ring method, the arm lever method, & the pendulum method. Even if you're familiar with these methods, you'll get many refinements and adjustments that you can use to provide clearer, more accurate, faster muscle testing.

The Secret Behind The Secret
PDF Book Download - ($29.00 value)

Learn how to really make the Law of Attraction work for you. This PDF Book by Brent Phillips, describes how you can use the Law of Attraction to transform your life – whether the problem is physical illness, emotional distress, poverty, dysfunctional relationships, or other challenges.

Topics includes, What is The Law of Attraction, The Power of The Subconcious Mind, Working Directly With The Subconcious Mind, Muscle Testing and Theta Healing, and How You Can Make It Work For You.

Spiritual Weight Loss
PDF Book Download - ($37.00 value)

Brent Phillips has "cracked the code" and will now teach how to apply the Formula for Miracles® to transform your body, reverse aging, and achieve optimal health in this 176-page PDF book download on spiritual weight loss.

I have developed this e-book and companion intensive coaching and healing program that incorporates the "best of the best" techniques I've learned about weight loss, reversing aging, detoxification, improving health and energy, and body transformation. The techniques are a synergistic combination of elements – emotional clearing, cleansing, strategic eating, and efficient exercise which work together to deliver incredible results. 

The Formula for Miracles® VIP Club. This is Brent's Inner Circle.
30-Day $1 Trial - ($37.00 value) & Tele-Seminar Download ($160.00 Value)

Brent's VIP Inner Circle Includes: 1) Private forums that Brent answers every day. 2) Live question-and-answer sessions, through chat and conference calls. 3) Significant discounts on private sessions. 4) Access to a large number of previously recorded tele-seminars. 5) Full access to monthly special events audios, videos, tele-seminars, e-books, and other materials at no extra charge, such as Bren'ts "8 Days of Prosperity". 6) Admission to Theta Healing practice groups. 7) Previews and "beta" copies of Brent’s yet-to-be-released books, audio programs, and videos. 8) Multiple live tele-seminars every month, such as The Wealth Club and The Love Club, where Brent does Theta Healing on all participants to clear subconscious blocks to health, wealth, love, and more! Downloadable tele-seminar access inside 30-Day $1 trial member area.

3-Day Live Coaching Workshop Coupon
($1,000.00 Discount For Brent's Where Science Meets Spirit Workshop)

This seminar may change your life. WHERE SCIENCE MEETS SPIRIT trainings teach you cutting edge spiritual tools so you can create miraculous instant healings and remarkable prosperity, love, and abundance.

This is your $500 discount coupon to one of Brent's 3-day Where Science Meets Spirit seminar. Regular price for attending this is $997. With this coupon you get access to Brent and his training for just $497!

In this live workshop, you can learn to:

• Achieve a permanent and profound spiritual transformation by Awakening to Higher Truth.
• Master the Seven Sacred Tools of Higher Dimensional Living.
• Understand the science that explains how and why energy healing & the law of attraction work.
• Quickly bring yourself and entrain others to a waking, conscious theta brainwave.
• Use muscle testing to check for subconscious programs on yourself and others.
• Perform intuitive body readings, remove viewings, future readings, and past life readings.
• Connect with the energy of the Creative Source to facilitate miraculous instant healings.
• Instantly clear subconscious blocks causing illness, injury, and poverty
• Manifest money, better health, a soul-mate, or anything else you choose to have your life.
• Tap into the universe’s unlimited energy to heal instead of depleting your own energy.
• Learn to master your mind’s power of attention to dissolve any pain, physical or emotional.
• Harness the power of embodiment to clear thousands of blocks at once.
• Experience life altering consciousness shifting to see auras and energy with your open eyes.


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